Welcome to what I am calling an intermission between graphic novels. It’s a short story I drew recently that serves as an introduction into We Shadows Book III. It is called The Secret Origin of Goat and goes far back into the main characters past to explain their origins.

You might notice the style looks a bit different in this than in past We Shadows stories. The main reason is that I drew the other stories over 5 years ago for Tokyopop. So there’s naturally a progression of growth. Another reason is I am not trying to draw in a style that will suit Tokyopop’s line..in other words; as close to Japanese manga as I can manage. This book was drawn exactly the way I wanted it. Totally in my style. Which if I had to describe it would be Wendy Pini meets manga meets Bugs Bunny. But of course I’d love to hear your own assessment of this style.

It will take about 2 months to show the whole book online. Or you can see it all at once while simultaneously becoming a patron of self-published comics for only $5…simply by ordering a hard copy in the right column. That will certainly help ensure that I can afford to take the time to keep producing this obsession of mine.