Cast in Order of Appearance

James- Just your seemingly average human who is prone to blackouts and waking up wearing faerie wings.

Doc- James’ psychologist and the narrator of the book. Through his crazy life experiences he has been gifted with the song that allows himself (and the reader) into the land of Faerie.

Titania- The captured Queen of Faerie who has reawakened to find the Glamour Gloms have enacted a plan to take over the triumvirate of Faerie.

The Glamour Gloms- A group of “fae” beings who are responsible for pumping glamour into the human realm, they are also responsible for the capture of Oberon and Titania.

Oberon- Once he was King of Faerie, but was convinced by Cosmo to give up his crown and betray Queen Titania. In exchange he was promised membership in the Glamour Glom order which has taken over the Faerie Kingdom.

Cosmo- An ambitious faerie who dreams of being the ruler of all of Faerie. She managed to talk Oberon out of his crown and now she seeks to be the Puck.

Vogue- Another ambitious faerie who seeks to become the power behind the throne when her friend Cosmo rules Faerie.

Goat- A faerie princess in training.

The Puck a.k.a. Robin Goodfellow- Once part of the ruling triumvirate of Faerie, he now works as a mercenary for the god Krishna. Whoever can remove his gun from the rock in which it lies embedded in Faerie, will be the next Puck. Despite a recent victory in battle, he seems a bit depressed.

Bottom- Also one of Krishna’s mercenaries and Robin’s good friend. He is an immortal demigod with the head of an ass and he has a penchant for booze and lovely women.