I decided to surprise everyone and start the sale of the new book last night at midnight. Really caused quite a stir on facebook 🙂

People were freaking out that the first 500 (the signed and numbered ones) would be sold out in an hour. I tried to explain that while that would be wonderful (miraculous even) it’s going to take a while to sell 500 books on our lil’ website. They were used to my sketch sales that sell out in a few minutes. Just goes to show it is much easier to sell fan art of a well known anime character than a book about original characters (no matter how cool the creator is).

But we are off to a great start. And if you want to insure more WE Shadows stories like these keep coming, there is no better way than ordering a copy of this new book. The more books you guys buy the more time I can take from my other jobs to work on this. It’s only $5 and it is, by far, my best work to date.

Thanks to everyone who ordered so far!