Some of you know that I am also an animation voice actor. I have done quite a few video games (and was even the original Toonami Tom for Cartoon Network) but I am primarily known for my work in anime. At the time I wrote We Shadows the American comic book industry was dying and it didn’t look like the magic could be found anywhere…except in manga. There the magic was emerging strong and taking root in this country. So there’s quite a few anime parody characters in this book. Heck, the only reason Goat doesn’t have a nose is simply my personal tribute to Dragonball Z’s Krillin who I have been voicing for the past 14 years and was a major boost in launching my career.

This scene in particular seems analogous in that light. The death of the land Faerie representing the state of comic book industry at the time then suddenly all this amazing weird and wonderful stuff from Japan beings to bloom.