A little explanation on the first Car Bombs strip. It says “apologies to Segar.” E.C. Segar was the creator of Popeye who first appeared in the newspapers in the 1930s. The first strip Popeye was introduced was called Thimble Theater. We first see him on the pier. When asked if he was a sailor, Popeye replied, “Didja think I was a cowboy?” Since my strip is a direct swipe I felt I should give credit where it’s due.

Dandy Don is a character based on my dad who always reminded me of Popeye, a little guy but strong as an ox with big forearms. That might be why Popeye was always my favorite character of any medium. I am not exaggerating about Pop’s strength. He now works as a forest ranger. In January while unrolling some massive cables from a truck the cable jammed, knocked the truck and sent Pop flying 15 feet backwards! He landed on his back on the sidewalk. Got up, dusted himself off and later found he had a broken rib and some bruises. He’s already back at work…been back for a couple of months now. The kicker? The man is 70 years old.