Even more comic goodness added at weshadows.com! This is the first full color page in any of the We Shadows series.

I have been doing a lot of experimenting with Photoshop since I started coloring Elfquest so I thought why not color my own stuff while trying these techniques?

The new technique I used on this page was utilizing the “color” layer. It was a challenge for me to work with in that the things I know about Phototshop I know very well. Generally, I know before I use an action what the result will be almost every time. The color layer is very different. I have no idea. But working with it combined with the “multiply” layer produces some pretty cool results. You can really see it in the background of panel 1 and in the green membrane engulfing Goat in panel 2. My friend Hanna says it kind of looks like watercolors only more vibrant. That’s a good way to describe it. Anyhow look for more experiments like this here (especially in Elfquest coloring downtime).

Now will this be in color in print? Possibly. I have found several print on demand places that might make that feasible. Stay tuned.