I have no idea what prompted the color pages recently except perhaps the fact that I am now working as a colorist for Dark Horse with the new ElfQuest series slated for January of 2014. I wanted to increase my understanding of Photoshop so as to have as many choices as possible for the work. I have been soaking up YouTube tutorials like a thirsty demon sponge. Also I just wanted to experiment so why not kill 2 birds with one stone and experiment right on the web comic?

And speaking of this particular bird (the webcomic site before you) those changes I once warned you about are here. It is very important to stay on a regular schedule with webcomics, so I have been wondering how much I can regularly guarantee with my new schedule (which also includes recording at Funimation, several conventions and a new project I am working on with my pal William Foster called “The Sex Gophers”). The fact is I can’t guarantee much. I can guarantee I will do SOMETHING during the week that I can post here but what projects and what days is pretty much an impossibility to predict.

So here’s what I decided..every Sunday I will post whatever I have been doing during the week that I am contractually allowed to post. Of course, there will be some OLEO (it may only be in the B&W stage one week then the same comic, but colored, the next). There may be even be excerpts from The Sex Gopher project.

“What the hell is The Sex Gophers?” you ask. That is the first comic series I worked on back in 1988. William Foster and I have been talking about turning it into an animated series. So I may be posting some of the model sheets, storyboards etc here to get your feedback on them. We also considered doing a one-shot comic book with it as a way to promote it. If that happens I’d like to post those pages here on Sundays as well.

Of course, some weeks you’re going to see a bunch of stuff on Sundays. Wendy doesn’t draw ElfQuest in a 9 to 5 manner. We have 2 months to produce each issue of 20 pages so she waits until she is inspired to work. Which to mind is the best way to produce anything worthwhile on a consistent quality level. Which means some weeks I have more time to kill than others. Those weeks Sundays here will have a more material.

Regardless, I appreciate the continued support and feedback I get from you guys here. Please, stick around, there’s a lot more to come.

See ya next Sunday!